Nomadic Rugs Gallery provides restoration for contemporary and antique Rugs and all type of flatweaves such as kilim or tapestry , before any restoration or cleaning takes place our team of highly skilled staff undertake with care and consideration.

The restoration service is very comprehensive and consists of :

.Repairs to holes ,burns, wear and tear

.Repair and restoration of frayed edges and frindges (edge and stoppers)

.Re-weaving and re-piling of worn areas :often due to moth damages

.Full restorations of damaged rugs-be it fire, water or spills

.Exact colour and wool match: Remarkable when dealing with antique rugs 

.Fixing curled edges and corners by applying faux leather strips

.Stretching and size alteration

.Water damage: removing of the colour run

.Odour removal from pet staining

.Mould removal


We would be delighted to quote for cleaning and restoration services which include the collection and delivery of your item. Please contact 07921812241 or email to arrange an appointment for quotation.

Published on: 21 December 2022